DSC PowerSeries NEO HS2LCDPE2 wired LCD Keypad + PROX reader

DSC PowerSeries NEO HS2LCDPE2 wired LCD keypad with 32 characters and PROX reader.

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DSC PowerSeries NEO HS2LCDPE2 LCD Keypad with PROX reader

The HS2LCDPE2 is a wired control panel for controlling a PowerSeries NEO intrusion system. Through the control panel you can easily switch the system on and off, view malfunctions and alarms. The built-in proximity reader offers the possibility for users to switch the system on and off with key tags.

Specifications HS2LCDPE2:

  • User-friendly menu and easy to operate
  • Multilingual menu interface, including Dutch, English and French
  • 32-character display
  • Equipped with built-in proximity reader
  • Delivered including proximity tag
  • Blue LCD window
  • Operation for multiple partitions possible
  • 5 programmable function keys
  • Equipped with input / output (wired)
  • Equipped with fire, panic and help function keys
  • Equipped with tamper switch
  • Insert certified C-035-1012



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