Conas ACR-11AE Black card reader with keypad, EM protocol

The Conas ACR-11AE serie is a good RFID-reader, combined with a touch screen keypad.

Dimensions: 106 x 86 x 30 mm

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Conas ACR-11AE Black card reader with keypad, EM protocol

The Conas ACR-11AE series is a powerful RFID reader combined with a convenient touch screen keyboard. The user can login with an RFID card, code or a combination of both. The ACR-11 series readers are for use on AC-150, AC-150NET, AC-150WEB, AC-160, AC-160NET, AC-170 and AC-170NET systems. The ACK-11 is standard available in black, other colours are available on request!

This model has a small profile design of less than 16 mm and can read all 26-bit EM cards from Conas. The powerful built-in RFID reader offers a reading distance of up to 8 cm, a built-in buzzer for indoor or outdoor installation including two colour LEDs and a buzzer for feedback signals.

With every reader we provide a clear manual to make installation easy. The manual includes a quick electrical diagram and a number of useful specifications for use during installation. In case you have lost the manual, you can always download it from this website!

During installation, please note that metal surfaces or installation close to other proximity readers may affect the effective reading range. The cable exits the reader in the middle of the back. This makes the installation very precise!

Please note: for a reader with Mifare support, we recommend the ACR-11AM series!

Specifications ACR-11AE:

  • Reader type: ID reader with touch screen keyboard
  • Card type: EM-marine cards
  • Output format: Standard international Wiegand 26Bit (34Bit is optional)
  • Read range: 4 to 8 cm
  • Frequency: 125KHz
  • Max. distance between cable and reader: 100 metres
  • Design: Epoxy coated. Fully enclosed in a robust polycarbonate housing. Suitable for harsh environments.
  • Audio/visual: Two colour LED indicators, built-in buzzer
  • Environmental specifications: Indoor and outdoor use, IP65
  • Operating humidity: Non-condensing
  • Housing colour: Black, other colours upon request
  • Dimensions: 106 x 86 x 30 mm
  • Weight: 240g
  • Material: High quality ABS
  • Voltage range: 9V DC - 14V DC. 12V DC is recommended.
  • Current Consumption: 90 mA



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ACR-11AE User Manual
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