Ajax HubKit

The Ajax HubKit is a good basis for securing your home or building.

  • Select your Hub: Hub / Hub 2 / Hub Plus / Hub 2 Plus
  • Ajax Motion Detector
  • Ajax Window / Door contact
  • Ajax SpaceControl keyfob
  • 5x Alarm Sticker
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Ajax HubKit - quick start to secure your home

You can use the starter kit as the basic for the wireless Ajax security system. The modular construction allows you to easily add components to a system that protects against burglary, fire and even flooding. Ajax has Grade 2 certified break-in components. This combines safety and ease of installation with design and intuitive operation for everyone.

The system is fully taught, configured and operated via your smartphone. Receive push notifications about status changes in the App on your mobile.

Set content Ajax HubKit:

  • Ajax Hub the brain of the Ajax alarm system
  • Ajax Motion Detector
  • Ajax Door / Window contact (Comes with small and large magnet)
  • Ajax SpaceControl keyfob
  • 5x Alarm Sticker

Maximum Performance

  • Thanks to the jeweler's wireless technology, Ajax Hub can safely monitor all network devices located at a distance of up to 1000 meters in open space or on different floors of a residence
  • An ARM processor Provides additional power for critical tasks
  • Uses of an Ethernet connection with a GSM backup
  • Hub reports the alarms via push notifications, SMS or phone call
  • Can work with up to 100 devices at the same time
  • Up to 50 users and a security company can connect to the monitoring system via a direct connection
  • Easily integrate IP cameras from third parties into the App (via RTSP)

Easy installation

  • The system can be easily installed in less than 15 minutes using the interactive manual and SmartBraket holders
  • The quality of the connection and the level of radio sound can be tested remotely
  • Devices connect to Ajax Hub with one click

Protection against intruders and failure

  • All connections and buttons are hidden in the body
  • Wear-resistant housing
  • External power outage immediately triggers an alarm
  • Operates up to 15 hours on battery backup
  • Pings every 12-300 seconds to monitor the system
  • Failure detection, encryption or communication channels and authentication
  • Ajax Hub automatically selects an uninfluenced frequency in the event of a channel error
  • A back-up GSM signal warns you in the event of a network failure
  • Ajax Hub keeps you informed through the DeliverAnyway algorithm, just in case of a network failure

Effortless operation

  • The system works with very bad connections: the system operates at a speed of only 0.5 kbit / s
  • Two-way communication enables periodic testing and simple adjustments
  • Firmware and software updates are free and automatic
  • The system can be operated using a remote keychain, a smartphone app or a keyboard
  • Ajax Hub keeps a history of all events
  • Geofence technology can remind you to enable the security system when you leave and turn it off when you return

Technical masterpiece

  • The ultra-thin AC power adapter is built into the housing
  • Ajax Hub is less than 4 cm thick

Differences between the Ajax Hub's

Hub 2 Plus Hub 2 Hub Plus Hub
Components 200 100 150 100
Cameras & DVRs 100 25 50 10
Range extenders 5 5 5 1
Users 200 50 99 50
Groups 25 9 25 9
Scenarios 64 32 64 5
MotionCam support Yes Yes No No
Communication Channels 4 3 4 2
Simcard 2х 4G/3G/2G 2х 2G 2х 2G/3G 1х 2G
Ethernet communication Yes Yes Yes Yes
WiFi communication Yes No Yes No
Back-up battery 15 hours 16 hours 16 hours 15 hours


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