VDL Hinged Camera Pole, VC 4 Meter

VDL CKKK Hinged camera pole, KC 4 meters.

65.3021.2001-VC-V or -VL (Galvanised or Coated)

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VDL CKKK Hinged Camera Pole - complete (VC) 4 Meter

The camera poles are produced by VDL Masten, a supplier of high-quality camera masts. The poles have the great advantage over other poles that they hardly shake due to strong wind, because they are built from several parts. Shaking back and forth is disastrous for the camera images. You don't have to worry about this with these poles.

If you choose for coated in high-quality DCC coating, the prices are based on the following standard RAL colors: 6005, 6009, 7003, 7016, 7024, 7032, 7035, 9005, 9010, all other colors have an additional cost (on request).

Hinged Camera Pole WITH:

  • Cover seal (040.2070.0076)
  • 2x Prefab concrete stabilization plate (size: 500 x 200 x 80mm)
  • 2x Bracket for mounting concrete stabilization plates
  • Demountable anti-climb protection
  • Terminal block with clamps

Specifications VDL Camera pole CKKK 4 meter:

Description Pole cilindrical
Length pole 4,0 meter above ground level
Ground level lenght 800 mm
Camera bracket No
Single camera mount No - only a cover seal (040.2070.0076)
Anti-climb protection Yes
Tiltable Yes
Stabilization Plate Yes
230V Connector Yes
Weight 67 KG
Ral color Optional
Optional Foot plate, Anti-vandalism lock, door key A-V lock

For non-NL countries shipping costs apply, these are calculated on request.



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