UniView NVR501-04B-P4, 4-channel PoE 4K NVR

UniView NVR501-04B-P4, powerful 4-channel PoE 4K ultra HD recorder with Video Content Analyses (VCA) function.

 • 1 SATA up to 8TB
 • Plug & Play with 4 independent PoE network interfaces
 • Up to 8Mp resolution recording
 • Smart VCA: Video Content Analyses
 • Mobile App + MyCloud Account

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UniView NVR501-04B-P4, 4 channel PoE NVR.

This NVR recorder with 4 inputs supported with PoE of Uniview. This recorder allows you to connect IP cameras to a maximum resolution of 8Mp.

This recorder has 1 SATA connection. This connector allows you to connect a hard drive to a maximum size of 8TB. You can also connect a mouse and / or USB storage to the recorder using the 2 USB connectors. Also, this recorder has a VGA and HDMI output for connecting a monitoring monitor.

You can access the recorder using a smartphone application called EZView. This application is suitable for iOS or android and you can view live, play back and back up images. Also, the recorder supports a handy P2P feature, so you do not have to forward any ports.

Improved reliability is guaranteed by ANR technology in the event of network failures. Also take advantage of cloud upgrades for the latest features. Perfect for effective camera management and security applications.

UniView NVR501-04B-P4

  • With 4-channels input
  • Plug & Play with 4 independent PoE network interfaces
  • Third-party IP cameras supported with ONVIF conformance
  • Support 1-ch HDMI, 1-ch VGA, HDMI at up to 4K(3840x2160) resolution
  • Up to 8 Megapixels resolution recording
  • Support Ultra H.265/H.264 video formats
  • Smart VCA: Video Content Analyses
  • SATA HDD up to 8 TB
  • Support for P2P, UPnP, NTP, DHCP, PPPoE
  • Support for mobile client access
  • Size: 260 x 222 x 47 mm



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