TopView 130902 / TR-WM03-D-IN 3-inch Dome Wall Mount

TopView 130902 is a 3-inch Dome indoor/outdoor wall mount for the IPC36xx and IPC32x series.

Size: 126.7 x 126.4 x 183.4mm


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130902 / TR-WM03-D-IN
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Uniview TR-WM03-D-IN 3-inch Dome indoor / outdoor Wall Mount

With this wall bracket you can easily place a dome camera from the IPC36xx and IPC32x series against a wall. This product comes with a mounting box so you can easily and neatly hide the cabling.

By applying this mounting box you also ensure that you get weatherproof mounting bracket.


- Aluminum surface mounting box including L-bracket
- Weight: 0.92 kg
- Dimensions: 126.7 x 126.4 x 183.4mm



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