Powerseries NEO Connect-Alarm mobile App

Powerseries NEO Connect-Alarm mobile App

Conveniently control and manage your home or business security system from anywhere, with secure, reliable mobile connectivity.

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The Power of Neo in Your Hand

Introducing the all-new Connect-Alarm, a cloud-based mobile app that provides home and business owners with real-time control over their security system, from anywhere, at any time.

Perfectly suited for properties of all sizes that are secured by a PowerSeries Neo system, Connect-Alarm offers end-users unprecedented mobility, security, and efficiency.


What hardware do i have to add to my DSC Neo panel.
Is there a subscription / monitoring required as well ?
Frage von: Chris auf 05.02.2020, 17:49
Answer: you need to have a LAN or GSM communication module, or the combi of both.
No subscription fees required. See the YouTube instructions video.

Antwort von: Frank Ligthart auf 06.02.2020, 13:17