Honeywell MCP1A-R470FF-01 Indoor Call Point, Fire Button

MCP1A-R470FF-01 indoor Call Point, Fire Button.

Notifier by Honeywell.


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Honeywell MCP1A-R470FF-01 Indoor Call Point, Fire Button

This manual call point is intended for manually activating a fire. The glass on the inside of this detector is made of Plexiglas. This glass returns to its original shape and does not need to be replaced after activation of the manual call point. The detector is also equipped with an LED indicator to indicate that the relevant manual detector is in alarm when it is activated.

This manual call point has a built-in resistor of 470 Ohm and two normally open (N.O.) contacts. These detectors can be mounted both surface-mounted and semi-recessed.

As standard, this product comes with a burning house label. Other labels must be ordered separately.

Specifications MCP1A-R470FF

  • Manual call point Red
  • With built-in 470 Ohm resistor
  • Equipped with a flexible element
  • Equipped with an LED status indicator
  • Features two N.O. (Normally Open) contacts
  • Dimensions 89 x 93 x 27.5mm
  • Complies with EN54-11



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