Jablotron JI-111C IP Dome Camera 2Mp

Video verification cameras provide the user with a visual confirmation of the alarm reason and show what is going. Any event is automatically recorded and reported when something happens.

View Angle = 115º.

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JI-111C IP indoor/outdoor 2Mp Dome Camera

A big advantage is an easy installation of the cameras even without an advanced knowledge of IT technologies. They are fully integrated into the MyJABLOTRON application and cooperate with the JABLOTRON 100 system through Cloud. The customer has thus all the information about his or her premises clearly available in one place. 

The camera takes colour videos in HD or Full HD resolutions. In case of poor light conditions it switches to a night mode using IF (Infrared) lighting.

Basic function of the camera:

- Videoclip recording of 1 minute: 30 sec before the event (eg. alarm or arming) and 30 sec after;
- It clearly shows what caused the event and what happened immediately afterwards;
- Free storage in the cloud for 10 clips max. 30 days;
- The user can request the images from the MyJABLOTRON application.

Continuous Recording
- Continuous video saving with an optional history for 3 or 7 days;
- The full history is at the user´s disposal; he or she can check it any time to find out what happened in a particular moment;
- This is a paid service;
- The user can request the images from the MyJABLOTRON application.

Live View
- Live images can be viewed from the web browser and mobile phone with the MyJABLOTRON application;
- At any time, the user can check what is going onlive;
- This is a free service.

Under a normal internet connection, it takes ca. 10 sec. to connect to the camera.



Technical specifications

Power supply 12 V DC
alternatively from the data connection PoE 802.3 af (48V)
power consumption in day (at rest): 200 mA
power consumption at night (with IR lighting): 350 mA
Number of pixels 2 Mpix
Camera resolution 1920*1080 points
Camera lens Dome 2,8 mm (viewing angel 115°)
Lens type Mono
Sensor 1/2,8" CMOS
Lens rotation options 0°- 355°
Communication interface RJ-45 10M/100M Ethernet
IR lighting angel 70°
IR lighting reach max. 30 meters (12x IR LED)
Surroundings IV. outdoor general (according to the EN 50131-1 standard)
Range of operating temperatures  From -20 to +55 °C, max. humidity 75%
Degree of protection IP67
Dimensions 111 x 111 x 82 mm
Weight 500 g


I have a question regarding the functioning. The manual sates "Video is transferred via a local LAN network and the Internet to a JABLOTRON Cloud secure storage. The MyJABLOTRON application provides access to live streaming
for the end user. According to the type of pre-paid service the user obtains access to continuously stored video recordings from
the camera.".

Does this mean that there is continuous data transmission over the internet ? If so what data-volume is used over a month ?
How should I understand "according to the type of pre-paid service" ? Are there additional fees in addition on the purchase ?
Can this camera be installed by an end-user ?
Frage von: Jean auf 25.01.2018, 15:51
Thank you for contacting our support.

In better quality setting, the camera can send around 2,4GB per day, standard quality is about half.

There are three possible services:
1. Free - possibility of 'live stream' from the app, max 10 recordings can be saved, 1 recording = 1 minute record (30 sec before and 30 sec after) event is triggered by: set / unset / alarm.
2. Paid - possibility of 'live stream' from the app, 3 days back, continuous recording 24/7.
3. Paid - possibility of 'live stream' from the app, 7 days back, continuous recording 24/7.

You choose the service, pay monthly for chosen option, no additive fees.

Antwort von: Support auf 31.01.2018, 13:33