Installation Service

Installation Services

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Installation of a basic alarm system in your home or business by a recognized installer. The assembly is 'clean' with a minimum of drilling while saving your interior.

By installation we mean the following:

1. Programming / learning;
2. Mounting;
3. Configure;
4. Instruction about the system;
5. Information about security;
6. Online support after installation with the MyCredex service;
7. Security certificate.

The possible installation of additional components and call-out costs > 50km are not included in the aforementioned rate. Contact us for a correct quotation.

Pay attention:
With an installation in particular it is about the correct 'Projection and Configuration': the electronic protection (signaling) must 1. be in harmony with its specific environment and users and 2. be correctly set up to be able to use the alarm follow-up according to the official guidelines.

Electronic security is only part of the entire security concept (OBER). Read more about this in our blog.

Do you want security in accordance with the guidelines of the CCV / BORG? Then please contact us ...

Should your installation meet an insurance requirement, then we can take care of this for you. Credex is a VEB recognized security company specializing in electronic security systems and camera security. We install and maintain your system with certified installers and enjoy recognition from insurers.

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