Honeywell ECO1003 Optical Smoke Sensor

Honeywell ECO1003 Optical Smoke Sensor belongs to System Sensor’s ECO1000 range of detectors.

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Honeywell ECO1003 Optical Smoke Sensor

The ECO-1003 is an optical smoke detector for detecting smoke development. This modern and compact optical detector is equipped with an optical indicator LED to read the status of the detector.

This detector is compatible with all Notifier conventional fire panels. A maximum of 32 detectors may be connected to a conventional fire loop (limit of the regulation).

This detector must be mounted on an ECO1000BR, ECO1000BREL12L, ECO1000BREL12NL or ECO1000BREL24L base. The detector is also equipped with an extra status output for connecting and controlling an indicator.

Specifications ECO1003:

  • Optical smoke detector
  • Power supply: 14 - 28V DC
  • Made of PC / ABS
  • Dimensions: 102 x 32.5 mm (without base)
  • Weight: 75 grams (without base)
  • Complies with EN54-7