DSC PowerSeries NEO PG8974 wireless Optical Mirror Detector

DSC PowerSeries NEO PG8974 wireless Optical Mirror Detector.

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DSC Wireless Optical Mirror Detector

The PG8974 is a motion detector that uses optical mirror technology. Optical mirror technology is extra reliable because three-dimensional detection takes place in space. This creates more beams that detect movement. Despite the extra beams, the detector has a high immunity against false alarms.

The PG8974 can be installed wirelessly and uses PowerG technology. This signal is very strong and has a range of up to 2 km. The battery consumption is also very low and a battery lasts no less than 7 years.

The PG8974 is equipped with an anti-masking function that can be activated in combination with the PowerSeries Pro.

Incert Certificate No: C-035-1067



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