CP-201T Resistor Temperature sensors

CP-201T Resistor temperature sensors (2 sensors per packaging) are designed for universal use in detecting temperature of liquid, gaseous, and solid substances.

Cable length: 3m

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CP-201T Resistor temperature sensors

They can be used to measure surface temperature of pipes using suitable accessories to fix the sensors on a pipe.

The sensor has a temperature range of -25 °C to +105 °C which must not be exceeded, not even temporarily.

Technical specifications

Manufactured for JABLOTRON by SENSIT s.r.o, Czech Republic
Sensor type NTC 10 k, B25/100 = 3455 K
Sensor tolerance ± 1% at 25 °C
± 2°C in the range of -25 °C to 105 °C
Temperature sensor connection 2 conductors
Detection range -25 °C to 105 °C
Maximum input power 15 mW
Water resistance IP67 according to EN 60 529
Housing material brass
Housing diameter 4.6 ± 0,1 mm
Housing length 24 mm
Insulation resistance > 200 MW at 500 V DC, 25 ° C ± 3 °C
Supply cable - type unshielded PVC, 2 x 0.35 mm2
Supply cable - length 3 m


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