Aritech AS610 wired Outdoor Siren with orange flash

AS610 Outdoor siren with orange flash.

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Aritech AS610 wired outdoor siren with orange flash

The AS610 is a robust outdoor siren with a built-in, orange flash. The siren duration can be determined from the control panel or manually using the jumpers at 3, 5, 10 or 20 minutes. With a capacity of 120dB you know for sure that your alarm message will not go unnoticed!

This outdoor siren can also be provided with a back-up battery. In the event of a power failure, the siren can continue to function on the backup battery. It is also possible to have the outdoor siren give an alarm signal in the event of a power failure. The housing is also equipped with a tamper switch that prevents the housing from being opened or removed unnoticed.

Specifications AS610:

    • 120dB of power
    • Possibility to place a backup battery
    • Power supply is 12V DC / 25mA (600mA with loud alarm)
    • Equipped with ABS white hood with orange flash
    • Siren and flash can be controlled separately
    • Tamper switch against unwanted opening
    • NCP & INCERT approved

AS610 compatibility:

Suitable for all DSC panels and control panels with a wired siren output.



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