Aritech AB301 wired Flash Light - orange

Flash light 'High Power' 1.5 watt with high flash frequency, transparant orange colour.

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Aritech AB301 wired Flash Light

The AB300 strobe is a bright strobe light that can be connected to an intruder or fire alarm control panel. The flash emits a sharp flash of light and will alert you and people nearby that something is wrong. The flash fires 60 times per minute.

This flash is wired to a control panel and is activated when it is supplied with a 12V DC power supply.

This model can be placed outside on a facade and is weather resistant according to IP65.

Specifications AB301:

Bright xenon flash
Flash frequency: 60 times per minute
Voltage: 12V DC / 115 mA
Dimensions: 75 x 51mm (dia x height)

Compatibility AB301:
Suitable for all DSC panels and control panels with a wired siren output.



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