Ajax ocBridge Plus

Receiver module for connecting Ajax detectors to wired and hybrid security systems.

The device is integrated into any central unit with wired security areas.

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Ajax ocBridge Plus

When the detector activates, the device closes or opens the transistor outputs. The wired central unit records the event and raises an alarm.


The device allows setting up the detector, performing radio communication tests and detection areas tests using PC.

Installation and set up

The device is installed in the body of the wired central unit, in sealed cases or plastic boxes.

Specifications Ajax ocBridge

  • Number of in / outputs 13
  • Power supply 8-14 volts
  • Power supply during configuration via mini USB connector
  • Maximum number of connected Ajax devices: 100
  • Full log
  • Monitor function connected components
  • Dimensions 95x92x18 mm (with antennas)
  • Working temperature -20 ° С (-4 ° F) to + 50 ° С (+ 140 ° F)
  • Connection of external antenna possible


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