19" Patch Cabinet Wall Mount, black - 9U

19" Patch Cabinet Wall Mount, black - 9U. 

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19 " Patch Cabinet Wall Mount, 9U

This 19" cabinet can easily be attached to the wall. The cabinet offers 9U room for CCTV and network equipment. The cabinet has a beautiful finish and is sprayed in RAL9005. The front of the cabinet has a glass door and can be locked through a lock.

The side panels of this cabinet are detachable, as can be done simply on the side and back of the devices. On the inside there is a rack mounted on which 19 "equipment can be mounted by cage mowers.

Specifications Intellinet

  • 19" server cabinet, wall mounting, IP20
  • Height: 9U
  • Color: RAL9005 black
  • Max. load weight: 60kg
  • Dimensions: 570 x 450 x 500mm (LxBxH)



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