Yuasa Rechargeable Battery 2.3Ah

Yuasa maintenance-free rechargeable lead-calcium batteries with 12V voltage 2.3Ah. Suitable for the OASiS and 100 series: JA-82K, JA-101K and JA-103K.

Size: 178 × 34 × 64mm

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Yuasa maintenance-free rechargeable lead-calcium batteries with 12V voltage. They have a long lifetime and they do not need any other care other than charging. It is possible to use the battery as a back-up power source for alarm systems but also where you need a reliable source of back-up voltage. It can work with any orientation.

The batteries are delivered in a charged condition.

• Maintenance free chargable lead-calcium battery
• 12V
• 2.3Ah
• 0,91kg
• 178×34×64mm

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Is this battery also usable for Oasis Jablotron 80 ?
Interrogé par : frank sur 5 févr. 2024, 20:45
Yes, the 2.3Ah are perfect for OASiS. The Yuasa batteries are of better quality and designed to last longer.
All Yuasa batteries are NCC verified.

Réponse par : Frank Ligthart (Admin) sur 6 févr. 2024, 12:03
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