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  1. Capteur de température filaire Jablotron JA-111TH BUS

    Le capteur de température filaire Jablotron JA-111TH BUS.

    Les fonctions sont programmables dans le libre-service Web MyJablotron.

    33,00 € 27,27 €
  2. Jablotron JB-EXT-TH-B Bus wired outdoor Temperature sensor

    The Jablotron JB-EXT-TH-B bus outdoor thermometer can be used in an outdoor environment or an environment with demanding climatic conditions.

    55,00 € 45,45 €
  3. Jablotron TM-201A Multifunctional Electronic Thermometer

    Jablotron TM-201A electronic thermometer can be used in all installations where one or two temperature values need to be measured (sensor CP-201T) with a subsequent relay closing or opening action.

    70,00 € 57,85 €
  4. CP-201T Resistor Temperature sensors

    CP-201T Resistor temperature sensors (2 sensors per packaging) are designed for universal use in detecting temperature of liquid, gaseous, and solid substances.

    Cable length: 3m

    36,00 € 29,75 €
  5. Jablotron JB-TS-PT1000 Universal Temperature Sensor

    Jablotron JB-TS-PT1000 Temperature sensor with a cable for the temperature measurement of gaseous, liquid and solid substances in the range of -50 °C to +200 °C.

    Cable length: 3m

    22,00 € 18,18 €
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