MS300 Mobeye Mobile GSM Water Detector

The Mobeye GSM Mobile Water Detector detect the presence of water-based liquids. When liquids are detected, the detector sends GSM alarm reports by SMS and/or telephone calls.

Powered by 12V adapter (included).

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The Mobeye Mobile GSM Water detector detects the presence or absence of water-based liquids and sends an notification via SMS text message and/or call consequently. Moreover devices can be activated via the outputs.
Because of the autonomous operation the detectors are applicable anywhere where a GSM network is available.

The Mobile Water Detector is entirely self-supporting with a built-in GSM module. It can run on external power or on its internal batteries. If the external power falls away, a power failure message is sent and the unit goes back to the low power mode.

The Mobeye MS300 is equipped with a water float sensor. To the second input another float sensor can be connected. In this way a second water level can be monitored, or any other sensor. The two output relays can be used to switch devices after an alarm situation or remotely, for example to control a water pump.


The Mobeye MS300 can be applied for:
- buildings, storage locations
- cellars, drainage systems, pump houses
- construction site
- boats
- etc.

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