Mobeye CM4410 GSM Fire Alarm Communicator

The Mobeye GSM communicator CM4410 is the appropriate module for several Ei Electronics smoke and heat detectors.

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Mobeye GSM Fire Alarm Communicator

The Mobeye fire communication module CM4410 is suitable as a mounting plate for the "Ei600 series" from Ei Electronics. If no wireless network is built, and only single fire detector with 2G/4G module is implemented, the CM4410 can cooperate with: Ei605C, Ei605TYC, Ei650C, Ei603C, Ei603TYC.

Combinations for detectors in a wireless network

A wireless network of Ei Electronics detectors consists of Ei detectors with RF module, where one of the detectors is equipped with a Mobeye CM4410. In the event of a fire, all sirens sound and the 2G/4G detector takes care of the reporting.

NOTE: the fire detector with CM4410 must be: Ei605C, Ei605TYC, Ei603C or Ei603TYC. The RF module in this detector must be the Ei650M. Because of these requirements, we recommend that you always start with the Mobeye CM2400RF or CM2400H-RF, see this page. The other detectors in the network can be any smoke, heat or CO detector from the Ei Electronics series. All Ei Electronics RF modules are mutually compatible.

Reporting to other smoke detectors

Mobeye offers reporting modules for various smoke detectors. The wired output signal of the smoke detector is crucial here. With a potential-free contact, or an RF relay module, choose the Mobeye CM4000. For analog signals, choose one of the Mobeye analog detectors. For requirements for 230VDC powered smoke detectors, we recommend the Ei Electronics 3000 series, see this document.


In the event of a fire alarm, the siren warns you on site with a loud signal. In addition, the contacts receive a notification by app (IOS/Android), telephone call (voice message), text message and/or e-mail. For the push messages there is a choice between an escalation plan or group message. The group message goes to everyone at once. With the escalation plan, the recipient can confirm the push message, so that the other contacts no longer receive the message. If none of the recipients confirms the push message, a call, SMS and/or e-mail will still be sent out. The number of contacts is unlimited.
The Mobeye CM4400 can report fire and test reports to a private control room (PAC) for professional follow-up. Read here for more info.

Battery powered

The Mobeye alarm dialer works autonomously on batteries and can therefore be used anywhere. The CM4410 works for more than a year on 2x CR123 batteries.

Network and SIM card

The Mobeye SIM card gives the device full functionality, including the use of the Mobeye Internet Portal and the app. With the Mobeye SIM card, communication takes place over the 4G LTE-M network with 2G as fallback.
When you insert your own SIM card, the device works on 2G. Alarm messages are then sent via SMS and/or call to max. 5 telephone numbers.

Reporting to private emergency center

The Mobeye CM4410 can report fire and test reports to a private control room (PAC) for professional follow-up. Read here for more info.

The Mobeye CM4410 is ready for specific Ei Electronics detectors.

To make sure you have the right detector, we recommend one of the following sets:

> stand-alone smoke detector with fire routing
> CM4410 + 1x Ei605TYC

> smoke detector with RF module, can be used in a network of Ei detectors
> CM4410 + Ei605TYC + Ei650M

> stand-alone heat detector with reporting
> CM4410 + 1x Ei603TYC

> heat detector with RF module, can be used in a network of Ei detectors
> CM4410 + Ei603TYC + Ei650M

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