Jablotron PC-02 access tag

The Jablotron PC-02 access card is a contact-free RFID key-tag for operating the system, black.

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The PC-02 access key-tag is a proximity card, RFID standard EM UNIQUE 125kHz. Up to 50 cards can be used in the system, for higher security each card can be combined with a digital code (PIN).


Programming user access codes and PC cards
Keyboard programming: ∗6 MC nn NC
• Only programmable if the system is totally unset
• MC = Master Code or card.
• nn = user code or card position from 01 to 50.
• NC = the new code or card entry (entry by holding the key in front of the keypad).
• Factory default: all user codes and cards are erased.
• Each user position can have both a card and a code programmed to it (by using the sequence ∗6 MC nn NC twice)
• Each user code can have its own reaction programmed by an installer in Service Mode, and with a split system, codes can be assigned to different sections.

∗6 1234 12 4345 (code 4345 will be programmed to user position 12)
To erase codes/cards enter:
•  ∗6 MC nn 0000 erases the code and the card in user position nn.
•  ∗6 MC 00 UC erases the code UC (or card UC) if programmed to any user position.
•  ∗6 MC 00 0000 erases all user codes and cards in user positions 01 to 50.

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