CM4500 Mobeye Panic Button

The Mobeye CM4500 panic button is a simple and effective alarm button, up to five telephone numbers can be programmed.

Incl. batteries. 

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CM4500 Mobeye Panic Button

The Mobeye Panic Button (CM4500) has a large integrated button. When pressed for a second, the notification will be sent. It is possible to connect two external alarm buttons or alarm contacts.

Alarm messages
In the event of an an alarm, the Mobeye Panic Button sends alarm notifications by app (IOS/Android), telephone call (voice message), text message and/or e-mail. For the push messages there is a choice between an escalation plan or group message. With the escalation plan, the recipient can confirm the push message, so that the other contacts no longer receive the message. If none of the recipients confirms the push message, a call, SMS and/or e-mail will still be sent out. The number of contacts is unlimited.

External voltage versus battery-operated
The Mobeye Panic Button can work autonomously on batteries and can therefore be used anywhere. After pressing the button, the communication module first searches for a network connection. This can take about 20 seconds. To speed up the notification, connect the unit to an external power source, using an AC adapter. In this situation, the detector already has a network connection and sends the message immediately after pressing.

Network and SIM card
The Mobeye SIM card gives the device full functionality, including the use of the Mobeye Internet Portal and the app. With the Mobeye SIM card, communication takes place over the 4G LTE-M network with 2G as fallback.
When you insert your own SIM card, the device works on 2G. Alarm messages are then sent via SMS and/or call to max. 5 telephone numbers.

Technical data & highlights CM4500

  • built-in panic button
  • 2x NO/NC inputs (potential-free)
  • battery powered (2x CR123 included)
  • 1x 12-24V DC input for connecting external voltage (with power failure monitoring)
  • battery life: > 1 year (battery powered) or > 3 years (external voltage)
  • 4G LTE-M/2G communication module
  • Mobeye Internet Portal and push app provide extra functions and security
  • Alarm notifications via push message, call, SMS, email and/or control room
  • Alarm notification as group message or one after the other (with intermediate confirmation and escalation plan)
  • Alarm at the push of a button,
  • Alarm when input is activated
  • Power failure alarm (and recovery message)
  • Low battery warning
  • Warning in the absence of a "keep-alive" test message (without portal: test message via SMS)
  • Developed and produced in the Netherlands


• Mobeye CM4500
• 2x CR123 batteries
• Mobeye SIM card (optional to use)

Accessories (not included)

• Mobeye power adapter 10027 (500mA, 12V DC)

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The machine makes calls to pre-defined numbers (only a simple beep call) or those receiving the calls can hear the sound environment in order to understand what kind of situation is occurring?
The same question for Mobeye I110. It is unclear whether the calls allow the supervisor to listen to what is going on or just be a call alert without the possibility of listening
I appreciate your response on this matter. Thank you very much.

Interrogé par : António Costa sur 30 avr. 2014, 03:16
The CM2500 or the Mobeye i110 makes a call and sends a text message, there is no 'listen' function.

The listen-in-function is available on the Mobeye Argos i200:

Support Team
Réponse par : Frank Ligthart sur 30 avr. 2014, 03:16