Jablotron JA-63KRX controle paneel (centrale)

Jablotron JA-63KRX is een volledig programmeerbaar controle paneel (centrale) inclusief LAN/PSTN communicatie module en een modulaire bouwsteen architectuur.
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The JA-63KRX PROFi is a fully programmable control panel with building block architecture. By programming, it can be split into two separately operated sections (with a shared section). It has a built in power supply and there is ample space for a back up battery (12V, 1.3Ah or 2.6Ah) in the control panel case. The JA-63K main board has 4 hard-wired inputs with programmable triggering (NC, balanced or double balanced) and programmable reactions. Model JA-63KR, equipped with the "R" radio communicating module, has 16 wireless zones. Up to two JA-60 detectors can enrolled into each zone (totally 32 as a maximum). In total model 63KR has 20 zones (4 wired and 16 wireless). Up to 8 wireless controllers (remote controls or wireless keypads), a JA-60A wireless siren and unlimited number of UC family wireless output modules can be enrolled as well. If more zones are required, another JA-6x control panel can be enrolled as a subsystem (Master & Slave architecture). The master control panel receives information from the sub control panel and it can also arm and disarm the subsystem panel. Telephone module "X" can communicate with a Monitoring Station, send two voice messages, send five SMS messages via SMS server. It can also communicate with a remote PC (using ComLink software and a JA-60U modem). Operation and programming is possible via the JA-60E keypad, either directly wired to the control panel or remotely using JA-60U modem. The control panel equipped with a radio module (63KR, 63KRX) can also be programmed and operated by a JA-60F wireless keypad and can also be operated by RC-11 or RC-22 remote controls. Operation and programming is also possible via a PC using ComLink software (locally or remotely via JA-60U modem). For the easiest setting and supervision of the system, we recommend using the JA-80BT interface along with Comlink software.
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