Jablotron JA-60 GSM module

Jablotron JA-60 GSM kiezer is ontworpen voor de PROFi controle panelen (centrales).

Beschikbaarheid: Op voorraad
€ 185,00 € 152,89

The JA-60GSM dialer is constructed for JA-60, 63 and 65 alarm control panels. The dialer is used for communication via GSM. An appropriate GSM provider is chosen by the inserted SIM card.

The GSM module, when installed in the alarm control panel, enables:
- automatic sending of an event's text messages to up to 8 mobile phones;
- dialing of programmed telephone numbers and playing of an audible warning signal;
- data transfer to one or two Central Monitoring Stations (CMS);
- remote control and programming of the alarm system via SMS instruction messages from a mobile phone or from an SMS website;
- remote control and programming of the alarm system using a telephone set keypad (mobile or land line);
- remote control of an appliance in the house (heating system etc.) via a telephone (mobile or land line);
- phone calls using a telephone set attached to the dialer module (via the GSM network);
- programming and remote supervision of the alarm system via Jablotron's website

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