Jablotron AC-83 draadloze relais output module (230V AC)

Jablotron AC-83 heeft 3 relais die draadloos worden aangestuurd. Een van de relais is voor het aansturen van een CV circulatiepomp op 240V plus twee radio gecontroleerde relais onvangers 12V.

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The mains-powered AC-83 provides 3 relays which can be controlled by radio signals. The device is suitable for heating control via signals received from wireless thermostats of the TP-8x series.

You can use the device in the following combinations:
- with PGX and PGY outputs of a JA-8x control panel equipped with a radio module (switching between heating modes),
- with RC-8x remote controls (for switching between heating modes),
- with JA-80M or JA-82M magnetic door-detectors (for heating enablement or disablement).

Function Description
The X and Y relays are totally independent. Jablotron TP-8x wireless thermostats can be enrolled to them individually using the X and Y enrolment buttons. In parallel to thermostats, either remote controls or a JA-80 control panel can be enrolled (however, these devices cannot be used in a simultaneous combination) to control switching the thermostat modes. In addition to the previously mentioned, wireless magnetic door-detectors can be enrolled and subsequently used to control the disabling of the heating.
The Z relay is designed to control a heating circulation pump. It reacts to the logical OR sum of the X and Y relays – the Z output is closed if, and only if, at least one of the X or Y relays is closed. All three relays are used in combination to provide “pump cleaning”. This function is realized by the simultaneous activation of the X, Y and Z relays for 6 minutes every 7th day. This is especially useful in the summer, when the heating system is out of operation. By such activations a reduction of sediments is achieved in the heating system and in the pump in particular. The function is not optional – it cannot be disabled.


Specificaties AC-83

Power Supply 230V/50Hz, protection class II
Power consumption  1W
Relay contact rating max. 5A/250V
Fuse rating max. 5A
Communication band 868 MHz, Oasis protocol
Device enrollment memory Power-cut proof
Minimum distance from txers 1m
Environment General, indoor -10 to+40 °C
Enclosure IP40 according to EN 60529
Mechanical immunity IK08 according to EN 50102
Can operate according to ERC REC 70-03
Complies to ETSI EN 300220,ETS 300683, EN 60950
AC-83 Manual EN
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