VDL Fixed Camera Pole bare, (V) 4 Meters

VDL Fixed camera pole bare 4 meters.

62.3002.3001-V-V or -VL (Galvanised or Coated)

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VDL CVK Fixed Camera Pole bare, 4 meters WITHOUT:

  • Cover seal (040.2070.0076)
  • 2x Prefab concrete stabilization plate (size: 500 x 200 x 80mm)
  • 2x Bracket for mounting concrete stabilization plates
  • Demountable anti-climb protection
  • Terminal block with clamps

Specifications VDL Camera pole V 4 meter:

Description Pole cylindrical
Length pole 4,0 meter above ground
Camera bracket No
Cover seal (top) No
Anti-climb protection No
Tiltable No
Stabilization Plate No
230V Connector No
Weight 41 KG
Ral color Optional
Optional Foot plate, Anti-vandalism lock, door key A-V lock

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