Jablotron SD-282ST wired Smoke Detector

The Jablotron SD-282ST detects fire inside residential or commercial buildings (wired power).

No Longer in Production - replaced by the SD-283ST

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This device detects fire inside residential or commercial buildings. It is powered by Type A or B external uninterruptible power sources in conformity with EN 50131-6, or a security alarm systems control panel. It has a selectable alarm memory function where the LED still lights after the alarm state is over.

The SD-282ST detector combines an optical smoke sensor with a heat sensor. Both sensors have their outgoing signals processed digitally, resulting in higher false alarm immunity. The optical sensor works using a light diffusion principle and is very sensitive to the presence of large-sized particles which are characteristic of dense smokes. In particular, the smoke sensor is not capable of detecting the by-products of cleanly-burning fluids such as alcohols, for instance. This deficiency is compensated for by the built-in heat sensor. This sensor provides a slower reaction when compared to the smoke sensor, but is much better at reacting to fires with rapidly rising heat producing only a little smoke.

Settings: Smoke and heat, smoke or heat, smoke only, heat only.

Certified to EN 54 and to EN 14604.

SD 282ST EN MLW51104
SD 282ST EN MLW51104 (366.06 KB) Download