Jablotron JK-84+82Y PLUS GSM wireless alarm KIT + App

The Jablotron JK-84Y PLUS is the standard OASiS alarm kit with extra components. Select your iPhone and/or Android remote control app (select in the Cart).

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The Jablotron JK-84Y PLUS GSM is the perfect OASiS alarm kit with extra components for complete home security. Wireless communication (868MHz protocol) with all components and full remote control with MyJablotron web-self-service and the Credex smartphone apps.

A Jablotron kit contains the following

(see also Content Kit tab above):
JA-82K - control panel, check the  JA-82K for more information (size: 255x215x75mm);
JA-82R - radio module, check JA-82R for more information;
JA-82Y GSM - the new communication module, check JA-82Y GSM for more information;
3x JA-83M - compact window/door detector, check JA-83M for more information;
SA-200A - wired window/door detector, check SA-200A for more information;
JA-83P - compact movement / PIR detector, check JA-83P for more information;
JA-80PB - PIR + Glass Breaking detector, check JA-80PB for more information;
RC-86 - remote control/keyfob buttons, check RC-86 for more information;
PC-01 - proximity card, check PC-01 for more information;
JA-81F - keypad unit, check JA-81F for more information;
JA-80L - indoor siren, check JA-80L for more information;
JA-80A - outdoor siren, check JA-80A for more information;
Remote control apps for your iPhone and/or Android;
► Installatie & configuratie tips in de blog.

Example detector schedule

Example detector schedule house

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