Jablotron JA-80X PSTN voice communicator

The Jablotron JA-80X allows alarm voice-reporting and remote access via a telephone keypad. JA80X
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The JA-80X communicator is a component of Jablotron systems of the JA-8x series. It is designed to be installed within the control panel housing.

Main features:
- Alarm voice reports in 5 possible versions to 4 tel. numbers (each version assigned to one of the 5 alarm types);
- ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) communication.
- Remote access via a telephone keypad.
- Backup option for the JA-80Y or the JA-82Y GSM communicator.

The JA-80X only uses the tone dialling method.

The JA-80X communicator makes it possible to operate the system remotely via a phone line by temporarily authorizing a phone keypad. After a call request has been received, the communicator will wait for a pre-programmed ringing period and then answer the call. Subsequently, message No. 8 is replayed (Enter your access code). After then the communicator waits for 60 sec for a Service, User or MASTER code to be entered.


Technical information
* Complies with EN 55022, EN 50130-4, EN 60950-1
* Terminal equipment analogue EN 301437, TBR 21

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