Jablotron JA-80G wireless Gas Leak detector

The Jablotron JA-80G is activated by combustive gases or fume leakages.

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The JA-80G is activated by combustive gases or fume leakages. It uses a hot platinum filament sensor. This detector is mains-powered (230V AC) and besides wireless signalling to the system, it also provides a relay output to shut down an electric gas inlet valve, if installed. Can be enrolled to the control panel, to UC and AC receivers (to trigger relays) and to the JA-80L indoor siren (to indicate activation by making a sound).

The JA-80G detects mixtures of air and combustible gases or fumes (Natural Gas, Methane, Propane, Butane, Acetylene, GPL, Hydrogen, etc). The detector detects two levels of gas concentration, responding with two different reactions. The mains-powered detector indicates a gas leakage optically, and acoustically, and transmits alarm wirelessly via Oasis protocol.

With integrated transmitter, tested according to EN 61779-1 and EN 61779-4.

  • Matching the alarm centre JA-82KR
  • Detection of inflammable gases
  • 2 levels of detection (weak concentration/strong concentration)
  • Visible alarm indication via LEDs
  • Audible alarm indication via integrated siren
  • Relay output, contact rating: 230V˜/5A
  • Self-test function

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