Jablotron JA-60WEB LAN communicator

The Jablotron JA-65WEB digital communicator is designed for JA-63 control panel.
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The JA-60WEB communicator is designed for JA-63 and JA-65 alarm control panels. The dialer is used for communication with a central monitoring station via an Ethernet network / the Internet.

The communicator is designed to be installed within the control panel housing. When connected to an Internet network it allows the following:
* Data transfer in CID-IP format to one or two Alarm Receiving Centres (ARC)
* Programming of the communicator via the web
* Remote control of appliances via a web page – 3 outputs and 1 input

Either a LAN communicator or a telephone line communicator module can be used in a control panel – it is not possible to install both simultaneously.