Jablotron GD-04R DAViD - GSM + Radio module

The Jablotron GD-04R DAViD is a universal GSM dialer and controller inclusive the DAViD Radio module.
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The GD-04R DAVID is a universal GSM dialer and controller including the DAViD Radio module. It provides 2 power relays and 4 input terminals.

The GD-04R radio module, which allows input A to D activations via wireless buttons or detectors of the OASiS series and also provides David with the capability of output relay X or Y state transmission to UC or AC OASiS receivers. In addition, you can control relays X or Y "locally" via RC-8x keyfobs (so that an appliance can be controlled both via a mobile phone and a keyfob). The module also allows heating control (again locally or remotely via a mobile phone) using wireless thermostats of the TP-8x series.

DAViD provides:
> 2 output contacts of power relays X and Y (each allows up to 5A/250V)
> 4 input terminals A to D for SMS reporting (the inputs react to a connection or disconnection to or from a common GND terminal)

David can be used as:
> A switch with SMS remote control. SMS texts for switching particular terminals on/off are configurable.
> A time-switch which can be activated remotely via a mobile phone (the switch-on period is configurable from 1 second to 10 hours).
> A relay with dialling-in remote control. Up to 50 tel. numbers can be authorized for each relay. Because calls are not answered dialling-in control within GSM is free of charge. (David only checks the caller’s number and - if the number is authorized - responds with relay activation.) This can be used for parking latch control etc.
> A relay with validity-limited dialling-in remote control. Each authorized number can have a limit to the number of calls. When the call count reaches the limit the tel. number is de-authorized. This can be useful for pre-paid services such as e.g. parking. Any tel. number can be re-authorized via SMS by the administrator.
> An SMS reporter. Input A to D activations or deactivations can be reported by SMS and optionally confirmed by phone calls. Each input can have its own message texts and up to 8 tel. numbers programmed.

The Radio module
The GD-04R radio module provides David with wireless connectivity to devices of the Jablotron OASiS system. By plugging the module into the digital bus connector your David is able to report the following:

  • Panic alarm triggered by a panic (RC-80, 87, 88 or 89);
  • Movements in the protected area (detected by JA-80P or 85P detectors);
  • Fire alarms or threats (detected by a JA-80S);
  • Breaking glass (detected by a JA-85B);
  • Window / door opening (detected by JA-80M or JA-82M detectors);
  • Gas leaks (detected by a JA-80G);
  • Exceeding the maximum/minimum allowable temperature limits (detected by TP-82 or TP-83 thermostats). In addition, the current room temperature can be acquired via SMS. Up to four different locations can be monitored – each A to D input can have a single thermostat assigned. This feature is suitable e.g. for anti-freeze protection in a conservatory or for fire protection in a server room;
  • Any contact switching on/off (detected by a JA-80M).



Power supply 11 - 13 V DC
Stand-by consumption approx. 20 mA
Max. consumption (during communication) 500 mA
GSM band E-GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
RF output power 2 W for GSM 900, 1 W for GSM 1800
A, B, C and D input terminals activated by a connection to GND
X1,X2 and Y1,Y2 output terminals
Resistive load max. 2,5A / 250V AC
Inductive (capacitive), lamp load max. 0,5A / 250V AC
Can be operated according to VO-R/1/07.2005-14
Safety EN 60950-1
EMC EN 301489-7, EN 55022 and EN 50130-4
Radio transmissions ETSI EN 301419-1 and EN 301511
Environment II. indoor general (-10°C to +40°C)
Dimensions (without antenna) 76 x 110 x 33 mm
GSM antenna connected to SMA connector
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