CM2000 Mobeye CM-Guard GSM Alarm Module with 2 inputs

The Mobeye CM-Guard alarm module with two inputs for two external detectors.

Battery operated (incl) or externally powered (excl).

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CM2000 Mobeye CM-Guard GSM Alarm Module with 2 inputs

The Mobeye CM-Guard CM2000 is the alarm communicator that is suitable for many applications. With two potential-free alarm inputs and many setting options, this is the most universal alarm detector that you will find. For situations with and without external power supply.

Potential-free alarm inputs

The Mobeye CM-Guard has two potential-free inputs, to which you can connect alarm contacts or sensors. By connecting a device or external sensor, various situations can be monitored, such as the functioning of a machine or the activation of sensors.

Battery powered or externally powered

The GSM alarm module is able to work on external voltage, or in low power mode which means it will work for a long time on only batteries. This makes the detector suitable to be used anywhere.

Alarm on power failure

When using an external power source, the Mobeye CM-Guard also monitors the presence of the power supply. Upo a power failure a notification will follow via calling, texting and/or e-mail. It is possible to connect a 12VDC voltage source to the voltage input, or an adapter to monitor the mains current or other voltage. As soon as the power fails, the internal batteries take over and a message is sent. If the power supply recovers, you will also receive a signal.

Alarm reporting and extra security

The Mobeye CM2000 sends alarm notifications by telephone call (max. 5 numbers), text message and / or e-mail. The recipient can “acknowledge” a call, causing the device to stop calling the other numbers. The content of the text messages can be customised. We advise you to use the Mobeye Internet Portal with the Mobeye SIM card for extra user-friendliness, functions and security.

The Mobeye CM-Guard is a versatile GSM alarm module. This  GSM detector secures doors with a magnet contact, monitors the functioning of devices via a switch, relais contacts, water via a float sensor, power via the adapter, etc. Applicable at any place, anywhere, running on batteries or external power.

Mobeye CM2000 Reliable and comprehensible

  • Alarm via call, SMS and e-mail
  • Two additional alarm inputs, adjustable as “normally open” or “normally closed”
  • Power failure monitoring
  • Status display when connected to Mobeye Internet Portal
  • User-friendly in set-up and use

Features CM2000 Mobeye CM-Guard

Functions • 2x alarm input (NO or NC)
• Power failure alarm
Alarming • Via call (max. 5 numbers)
• Via SMS, e-mail (unlimited via Mobeye Portal)
Extra messages • Low battery voltage
• (Missed) keep-alive
Other settings • Delay times on input alarm, power failure alarm
• Repeat frequency of alarm message
• Identification text, alarm texts
• Time-based arming/disarming
Mobeye sim card
• Affordable, flat-fee, multi provider, roaming
• Included in delivery, to be activated on-line
Mobeye Internet Portal (option) • Alarm via SMS/call/e-mail/ARC
• Status display
• On-line programming
• Communication check (keep-alive)
• Display of geographical position (Cell-ID)
Dimensions • 30x60x80 mm
Power supply • 2x CR123 (included), or
• 12 VDC + 2x CR123
Battery life time • 1 year (battery operated)
• 3 years (at external power)
GSM • 2G Quad band EGSM 
GSM Cabinet Alarm - Door Alarm
GSM Cabinet Alarm - Door Alarm (529.95 KB) Download
Mobeye CM2000 EN
Mobeye CM2000 EN (632.89 KB) Download
CM2000 Manual SW4.n EN
CM2000 Manual SW4.n EN (396.04 KB) Download