ABUS Secvest

ABUS Secvest - Selection Overview

Secvest alarm system overview

Secvest is test-winner Secvest smoke detector ABUS alarm starter kits Secvest PIR motion detector Secvest PIR motion detector, high immunity for pets Secvest wireless glass-break detector Secvest wireless water / flood detector Secvest Wireless Socket Secvest wireless magnetic contact Secvest wireless seismic/tilt detector Secvest wireless indoor siren Secvest wireless panic button Secvest wireless fire button Secvest outdoor siren battery Secvest Outdoor Sirens Secvest wireless keypad Secvest wireless alarm control panel Secvest communication modules Secvest wireless info module Secvest universal modul Secvest gsm module Secvest Key wireless cylinder lock Secvest wireless Window Protection System FTS 96 E Secvest wireless Window Handle Lock FO 400 E Secvest FOS 550 E wireless window bar lock set Secvest FG 350 E wireless window handle Secvest proximity chip key Secvest wireless remote control Secvest wireless panic + emergency button Secvest wireless Key Switch ABUS Secvest wireless door lock with inner cylinder Secvest wireless locking cylinder Secvest outdoor PIR detector (30m) - FUBW50021

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ABUS Secvest is a kit from which a personalised system can be easily customised. Similar in concept to the popular OASiS system with a modern wireless encrypted 868MHz protocol. The devices have a wide communication range (inside ± 35m) and the antennas are not visible, its batteries have a life time of approx. 3 years and in general a modern design.

With the new Secvest wireless alarm system, ABUS Security Center is continuing the success story of mechatronic security. Servicing is even easier via remote access and maintenance. Other new features include IP-based communication, video verification and control via app. Configuration and operation have also been further optimised to make them more user-friendly. Furthermore, the new Secvest is ideally suited for upgrading existing buildings and offers a wide range of detectors.

ABUS Secvest + IP

Figure 1. ABUS Secvest Alarm System + Video Verification:

ABUS Secvest alarm system



Network camera installations

Figure 2. ABUS CCTV example:

ABUS network camera installation example


Figure 3. ABUS network example (NAS):

ABUS network camera installation example