Jablotron JK-84X PSTN alarm kit

The Jablotron JK-84X PSTN is an OASiS alarm kit based on the Jablotron JA-82 control panel with PSTN phone line communication.

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The JK-84X is an OASiS alarm kit based on the Jablotron JA-82 control panel. Wireless communication with detectors and controllers.

The kit contains the following:
* JA-82K - control panel, check JA-82K for more information;
* JA-82R - radio module, check HERE for more information;
* JA-80X PSTN phone line communication, see HERE for more information;
* JA-83M - compact window/door detector, check JA-83M for more information;
* JA-83P - compact movement/PIR detector, check JA-83P for more information;
* RC-86 - remote control/keyfob buttons, check HERE for more information;
* PC-01 - proximity card, check HERE for more information;
* JA-81F - keypad unit, check JA-81F for more information;
* JA-80L - indoor siren, check JA-80L for more information;
* Batteries;
* Doorstickers.

A telephone line communicator:
1. Voice-message alarm phone calls (to up to 4 users);
2. Transmission of event reports to ARCs using CID protocol;
3. Remote access from a phone keypad4. A telephone communicator can be combined with a GSM communicator to work as a backup channel.

Jablotron's alarm system has a building block structure like LEGO, so you can create your own configuration or use our JK-82 starter kit. The OASiS control panels allow you to install the system totally wirefree (except the power cable for the control unit). Items in the house (sensors, keypad, siren etc.) communicate with the control unit via radio (868 MHz, fully supervised communication). Control panels also allow you to use hard-wired accessories if you wish.



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